Florida wildlife needs your help!!  We can use your help with rescues, transports, fundraising, collecting supplies, feeding animals, etc., etc.

Volunteer orientations are conducted by appointment only. Please contact our Office Manager, Ivy Smart at 941 484-9657 to schedule an appointment.  Thank you for your interest!!

Download our Volunteer-Application

5 thoughts on “Volunteer”

  1. Hi Ivy Smart,

    I would love to go thru volunteer orientation and help the program. Please do contact me. My number is 239 3088488.

    Thank you,
    Mary Ellen Bailey

  2. Can you advise me on the upcoming fundraiser? I expect to donate at least four paintings of wildlife if it will help. I ask about the expected date so the work will be finished.
    If the event is cancelled the paintings may be of some use if you still want them.

    1. Thank-you for your continued support, John.
      The only event on the schedule, as you can imagine,
      is the telethon Giving Challenge on Tuesday. We may
      have an event on 12 June but it is up in the air
      due to Corona. We’d be really stoked to receive any
      paintings you wish to donate, but would be unable to
      know when we might be able to actually auction or sell
      them. We do hope to get our new website up and running
      sometime and will have an e-commerce site available, and
      that might also be an outlet for them.


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