Freedom Friday: Pelican Release

Last week, The Wildlife Center of Venice was glad to give a “beach day’ to twelve brown pelicans that were recovering from a number of maladies including toxicity, fishing hooks/line, injured wing and even a cracked beak.  Pelis are big eaters and this year’s algae bloom put a big strain on our and other local wildlife rescues.  Please do consider making a kind donation to help our mission at or take a look at our Amazon Wishlist here.

Brown pelicans are fantastic divers, will sometimes dive from as high as 60 feet for fish.  They will make a quick turn to the left just before impact to protect their esophagus, which is on the right side of their neck.  They were almost eradicated from North America along with the Bald Eagle from DDT poisoning in the 70’s.  Check out our favorite slo-mo video of brown peli’s diving by clicking here. 

Thank you so much for your support; we could not do the things we do without your continued support..

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