Patient Status Updates

Baby sandhill

Last year The Wildlife Center of Venice handled over 4,500 animals.  As you can imagine, dealing with the phones can be quite hectic.  In order to make sure that the phone lines are available for rescue calls, we are instituting a new policy for inquiries about the status of rescued wildlife.

In the best interest in the animal that needs help, please do not call the office to ask about the status of a patient.  Our website or our social media are not monitored for rescues, the best thing to to is to call WCV at (941) 484-9657  and leave a message if we don’t pick up.

Instead, if you want to check on the status of a patient, please send an email with details to and we will gladly get back to you as soon as we can.  Be sure to include your name, the date and location of the rescue and the type of animal.

6 thoughts on “Patient Status Updates”

  1. Hi. I am the person the found the gopher turtle today (in Englewood) who was sick with a respiratory infection. I know it will take you a while to rehabilitate, but if I could get updates on him I would be grateful. Thank you for everything you do.

      1. Any news on Carl? (I named my turtle Carl). It’s been over a month and I’m hoping the poor fellow is recuperating and healing well. Please update as soon as possible.

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