Freedom Friday: Red Tide Success Stories 2

As the cooler weather comes around, it seems like some relief from red tide and the algae blooms is coming, slowly but surely.  That being said, we continue to bring in half a dozen toxic shorebirds daily.  We are not out of the woods yet.  Please do consider supporting us by making a donation at

Here is the release of a great Blue Heron that was brought in to The Wildlife Center of Venice very sick from ingesting toxic fish but made an amazing recovery.

Freedom Friday, Mangy Coyote

Above are some amazing before and after pictures of a very sick coyote that was rescued, treated for a terrible case of mange for 12 weeks at The Wildlife Center of Venice and released back into the wild.  Below is the video of the release.  He didn’t waste any time heading back home.  Coyotes may not be everybody’s favorite, but this guy needed serious help and we try not to discriminate at The Wildlife Center of Venice.




Please do consider helping us do the things we do behind the scenes to help the voiceless.  A couple of bucks goes a long way towards helping our fantastic Florida wildlife.


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At the Wildlife Center of Venice (501c3 Non-Profit), we are committed to the preservation, rescue and rehabilitation of wildlife in our local community.  We service all of Sarasota and West Charlotte counties in the State of Florida. We work hard each day to uphold these values, but we need each and every one of you to help us in this noble cause.