Amazing eaglet rescue

Wednesday of this week, The Wildlife Center of Southwest Florida got a call from someone photographing a local eagle’s nest and they noticed that one of the Eagle chicks had a hook piercing its beak. The Wildlife Center contacted Florida Fish & Wildlife to gain permission to intervene. Bill, one of our tree climbers, scaled the tree to assist the eaglet. When he got to the top, he found the eaglet with the hook in his beak but discovered that the line was wrapped around the leg of another chick. He carefully unwrapped the line and decided to only take the chick with the hook in the beak. A few hours later, the chick was at the vet getting the hook removed and was given a clean bill of health. The very next day Bill climbed back up the tree and placed the eaglet back in the nest with its sibling. Bill did a masterful job of handling the injured bird carefully enough (Twice!!) to where its sibling was not scared out of the nest. Sixty feet off the ground with the parents circling the scene, no less! The Wildlife Center of Southwest Florida had multiple volunteers on the ground with nets in case either chick jumped during the process. Great team effort! Check out the amazing video below: The Wildlife Center of Southwest Florida survives solely on donations; please consider making a donation at

Photo credits go to Paula Kaye and Mary Lundeberg.

  1. Eaglet with Hook in beak
    Eaglet with Hook in beak
  2. Eaglet after hook removed
    Eaglet after hook removed
  3. Getting ready to go back home
    Getting ready to go back home
  4. Bill back on the ground
    Bill back on the ground
  5. Team celebration
    Team celebration
  6. Fishing Gear
    Fishing Gear
  7. Clear your gear!!
    Clear your gear!!

Egret rescue at the jetty

 Here is a pretty cool rescue that we thought we should share. If you’ve ever been to the north or south jetty in Venice, you’ve seen that there are a lot of birds looking for handouts. Unfortunately, some of them get tangled in fishing line or even worse, get hooked. A kind gentleman named Kent Goff called the center to let us know about a Great Egret at the North Jetty with fishing line hanging out his mouth. Two of our longtime rescuers, Julia and Stephanie were able to snare him pretty quickly although he ended up flying in circles.  Prognosis is good he should make a full recovery. Birds that have been hooked or tangled and can still fly are very difficult to catch. Please don’t cut the line and call Wildlife Center of Southwest Florida at 941-484-9657 so we can help. If you would like to help us in our cause, donations are always welcome at: