WCV Sunset Calendar

Looking for a cool, but inexpensive gift for somebody this Christmas?  Check out The Wildlife Center of Venice’s very first sunset calendar.  $15 dollars and we’ve got you covered on shipping.  Photos are absolutely breathtaking.  All proceeds help the critters at The Wildlife Center of Venice.   Well over 100 of these calendars were put together and donated by one of our fantastic supporters and they are going fast.  Fantastic photo credits go to Kristen Rodgers.  Thank you for your support!  Here is the link:



Freedom Friday! Hooked Pelican

Here is the release of a juvenile brown pelican that was struggling to fly in Lemon Bay in Englewood.  Turns out he had two fishing hooks in it’s wings and was so tangled in fishing line that he couldn’t spread his wings enough to achieve lift off.  Our rehabbbers were able to safely remove the hooks and the line, gave him a free meal and sent him back the next day.

If you hook a bird, don’t cut the line!  Call the Wildlife Center of Venice and we will come help out.  Have a great weekend!!

At the Wildlife Center of Venice (501c3 Non-Profit), we are committed to the preservation, rescue and rehabilitation of wildlife in our local community.  We service all of Sarasota and West Charlotte counties in the State of Florida. We work hard each day to uphold these values, but we need each and every one of you to help us in this noble cause.