Open house this Saturday, check out our new property!

Come join us at our new location and see the wonderful new space we will be occupying in 2018.  This is the perfect chance to get a tour of the new property we are working on purchasing.  See the great office space, amazing room for cages and pens and the clean, untouched areas for expansion.  Also, we will be giving tours of our old area across the street where the animals are currently residing.  Children are most certainly welcome.

While you are here, say hi to the goats.  Rumor has it that they like carrots…

The new location is just about 100 yards from our old home, on the Southwest corner of Border Road and N. Jackson Road.  You enter from Jackson Road.  Admission is free, but we are seriously hoping that you will make a (non-carrot) contribution to support our ongoing efforts to rescue wildlife and make the purchase that will finally provide us with a permanent home.  Thanks in advance for your continued support through this very important transitional period for The Wildlife Center of Venice!!


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