Meet Our Volunteers-Steph

This month’s volunteer profile: Stephanie Boor.
Stephanie has been with the Wildlife Center for 5 years, and for anyone who sees her on Facebook, you know that she is both fearless and determined. What you may not know is that she is also involved with our fund raising projects and she home fosters animals needing additional care and monitoring.
When asked about her most challenging rescues, the immediate response was “Bobcats”, mentioning one who was trapped under a bridge. The Charlotte County Sheriff’s Department took her in a boat to reach the frightened animal that then had to be captured, transported to the shore and placed in a carrier for transfer to the Center.
Her “most satisfying job” with the Center? A good rescue and then releasing that patient back into its own habitat.
Stephanie’s “words of wisdom” to everyone is “If in doubt, call!!” If you have any concern that a feathered, furred, or shelled “critter” may need help, call the Center right then. It’s much better to have a rescuer arrive and determine if there is a need rather than wait several days before deciding help is needed and then calling. The “wait and see” time may make recovery more difficult or impossible. Our rescuers also consider a determination of “aid not needed” to be a successful “rescue”. 

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