Meet Our Volunteers-Peg

At the Center, our Volunteers are the heart and soul of our mission. It is the volunteers who rescue, clean and feed, transport patients to and from the wonderful vets that work with us, bring food and supplies to the Center, repair well… everything – answer phones, enter data, track patient progress, and everything else. The purpose and focus of all those activities is simple, to help wildlife in a world that is increasingly difficult and dangerous.

We’d like to introduce you to some of these wonderful folks in our e-mail newsletter. If you have a chance to talk with them – be careful… their rescue work tends to be a favorite topic of conversation.

Let’s start with one of our “long-time” volunteers, Peg McGee (pictured above). Peg has probably done ALL of the above “jobs” at one time or another in her 15 years of volunteering with the Center. If you’ve ever been near any beach or body of water in the Venice area, it’s more than likely you’ve run into Peg! This picture was taken at the Venice South Jetty as she was trying to rescue FOUR different Pelicans who found themselves entangled with line, hooks and sinkers. Peg is usually successful.

Note from Peg: If you hook a pelican, reel it in slowly and DO NOT cut the line. If you are uncomfortable taking the hook out, please call WCV (941-484-9657) for help or ask another fisherman for help. (This “do not cut” advice works for all wildlife that becomes entangled… including turtles.)

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