Meet Our Volunteers-Cathy

Cathy MacVicar is one of our regular “on-site” volunteers.  You will usually find her somewhere on the property on Tuesdays.

Cathy has been helping The Center for about 2 years and enjoys preparing meals for our patients, making sure they have fresh water, cleaning their cages, and changing their bedding.

Cathy is familiar with the challenges of the volunteer effort; moving large boxes of donated food in the refrigerator and handling some of the larger patients like pelicans and turtles.  But, the volunteers work as a team, and are always ready to lend a hand when needed.

Cathy’s “message” is that the Wildlife Center is a GREAT place to be an “on-site” volunteer.  Seeing our patients improve, recover and return to their families and homes is an amazing experience.

Her closing thought:  “Be a part of a wonderful experience and help Mother Nature in the process!”

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