Help! I found a squirrel!

Squirrels are a very common patient at The Wildlife Center of Venice, and sometimes, they do need our help.  Many times they are also brought to us because they were away from their parents.  If you see an adult or baby squirrel that has been attacked by an animal, shows any signs of injury such as limping, bleeding or rough/wet fur, please call The Wildlife Center of Venice.

Please do not feed (Especially glazed doughnuts) or keep any wildlife as pets.    They require a strict diet to stay in good health.  Here are some pointers on what you can do to help:

If you have found a baby squirrel, it may or may not need your or our help.  Like other species, baby squirrels are often left alone for 4-5 hours by their parents between feedings.  Many times there will be more than one baby in the area.  After searching the immediate area for any other babies, grab a small box that the babies cannot climb out of and put a warm towel or pillowcase in the bottom.  Gently pick up the babies and put them in the box and move the box to the base of the tree that had the nest.  If no nest is present, put it in the shade under the closest tree.  Observe from a safe distance; the parents will stay out of sight if they are aware of your presence.  The parents should relocate the babies one by one.  If there is no activity within 4-5 hours, keep them in a warm dry place and call us at 941-484-9657.

Fun facts:  Squirrels bury their food and lose about 25% of the nuts and seeds that they bury due to thievery from other squirrels or animals.  They will often dig a hole, pretend to bury something and cover it up to throw them off.  Many of the seeds that they forget about eventually end up growing into trees.  Pretty cool!!