Freedom Friday – Soccer Owl

Here is the release of a Great Horned Owl that had flown into and got tangled in a soccer net at the Glenallen soccer fields, in North Port.  Since they can fly nearly 40 mph, when it saw the goal it was probably too late to put the brakes on.  He got pretty badly tangled trying to escape as you can see.  Fortunately, an onlooker knew to call WCV and Stephanie was dispatched.   Fortunately, a passerby was willing to jump in and help Steph cut the owl out of the net.   The great horned owl had a few broken feathers and very minor injuries and was able to be taken back to it’s home turf to be set free.  At the end of the release video , you can see that it flew straight towards another soccer goal, but fortunately went “wide right”  this time.


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