Freedom Friday! Red Tide Success Stories

As we all know “Red Tide” was terrible this year and we are hopeful that it seems to be on it’s way out.  It was devastating to our wildlife here in Southwest Florida.  We’ve all seen the pictures and are hopeful that we never have to see anything like this ever again.  That being said, we thought we’d share some of the critters that we were able to save.  Many of them were rescued in early July when it really started to get bad and were kept for almost 4 months at the Wildlife Center of Venice until things started to clean up.   These cormorants can eat too!

We always send them back to their home turf but the water was not safe and there was no fish to eat until recently.  They seemed pretty happy to be back to their home in paradise and we are all collectively optimistic that it will continue to get better.

Please do consider kicking of your weekend by going some good and helping The Wildlife Center of Venice help those who cannot help themselves by clicking on the links below.



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