Freedom Friday: Juvenile Eagle Release

Very cool video of another eagle release.  The Wildlife Center of Venice has had an extremely busy season so far, and we have had more than our fair share of eaglet rescues this year.  Here is a great success story from a juvenile eaglet that sustained a wing injury after fledging from the nest.  Three weeks of flight training and he was given the ok to try to take a second chance at life in paradise.  So much work goes into the rescue, rehab and release of these amazing animals and we always welcome new volunteers that are willing to try something new, experience awesomeness and help our fantastic Florida Wildlife.  Kudos to our long time volunteers, Mike, Stephanie and Julia for a great save and release.

It costs The Wildlife Center of Venice well over $750 and careful staff and volunteer time to rehabilitate a single bald eagle.  We can’t do this without your generous support.  We need YOU to help us to continue all that we do.  Please donate now so that we can keep going.  This is the toughest time of the year for WCV.  Baby season is in full bloom and many of our dedicated volunteers are snowbirds and have migrated up north so we can use your help now more than ever.  Please donate here if you have can spare a couple of bucks to help us on our mission.




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