Freedom Friday!! Big Gator.

This week’s freedom Friday features a caller that heard strange, deep noises from her front yard and discovered that it was a an  alligator that was trapped in her storm drain. The original call to WCV was for a four foot alligator, but this guy measured over 9 feet.  (9’1″ to be exact.)  As it turns out, the alligator had escaped from his pond by  swimming through a corroded grating, up a drainage tunnel, hit a dead end and could not make the tight u-turn inside a storm drain.  Four volunteers from the Wildlife Center of Venice arrived and figured out a game plan.  This one was not in the playbook…

He had been trapped for a day or so and was pretty dehydrated and exhausted and just wanted some help getting back home.   Our rescuers were able to get a catch pole around his snout, tie some straps around his legs and pull him out of the storm drain.

After dragging all 300 pounds of him the 150 or so yards back to his home pond, our rescuers were also pretty dehydrated, exhausted and ready to go home as well.

The Wildlife Center of Venice only exists because of our generous supporters, donors and volunteers.  A couple of bucks goes a long way towards helping critters.  Please consider making a donation at, or check out our Amazon Wishlist at:


Thanks and have a great weekend from all of us at WCV!!


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