Ways to Donate


Please consider signing up for a monthly donation via Credit Card through our on-line partner One time donations are also welcomed.  Click on the button to enter their secure donation site. We accept MC, Visa, Am Ex, and Discover.


Click on the button to donate securely through Paypal. Use your Paypal balance or donate using any major Credit Card.

Donate by Check or Money Order

Here are our donor levels.

  • $1-$150: Friend of Wildlife
  • $151-$249: Wildlife Caretaker
  • $250-$999: Wildlife Angel
  • $1000+: Wildlife Benefactor

Mail checks or money orders to:

Wildlife Center of Venice, Inc.
925 Jackson Road
Venice, FL 34292

Wish List Items needed at the WCV

Day to Day items: Heating pads (without auto-shutoff), wheelbarrows, scrub brushes, mops, bleach, laundry detergent, dish soap, welding gloves, safety glasses, fishing nets, fishing poles, towels, sheets, blankets (no king size please), outdoor carpet, garbage bags.

Food Supplies: KMR (kitten milk replacer), Esbiliac (puppy milk replacer), Exact (or other baby parrot formula), dog and cat food (dry or caned), wild bird seed, chick starter and scratch, cracked corn, baby food jars.

Construction: Lumber and metal framing, bungee cords, zip ties, rope, any tools and hardware, concrete, fencing.

Big Stuff: Commercial pressure washers, generator, chest freezer, large capacity washer and dryer, utility vehicles, climbing gear, air compressor.

Medical Stuff: We can make use of all kinds of medical supplies both human and animal. Vet staff, doctors and nurses often have access to very useful supplies otherwise destined for the garbage or sometimes third world countries. Such items include: expired antibiotics (we can use these legally under veterinary advice), used diagnostic equipment, surgery and wound treatment packs, syringes, stainless steel instruments, gauze, cast padding, ointments, etc.

Call 941-484-9657 if you can help with any of these items.

“A copy of the official registration and financial information may be obtained from the division of consumer services by calling toll-free 1-800-HELP-FLA or online at, registration does not imply endorsement, approval, or recommendation by the state.” Registration #: CH17889

One thought on “Donate”

  1. I wanted to thank everybody at the Wildlife Center of Venice for a very quick response to the successful “catch” of a Cormorant that was stuck in my backyard since last evening (Tuesday, May 22). Peg was definitely going to rescue this bird no matter what it took to do it. And, I happily assisted (more or less stood by and did as she directed) with this great endeavor. Peg ran into a few roadblocks as the bird would just jump in the pool when it felt threatened. But, a few fish around the edge brought the bird out of the water just long enough for her to catch it in her net. I am donating a wee bit of money to help assist in your next great rescue. Although it’s not a lot, I couldn’t allow this to happen without some type of recognition. Thank you again!!!! You are a wonderful group of people.

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