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Egret rescue at the jetty

¬†Here is a pretty cool rescue that we thought we should share. If you’ve ever been to the north or south jetty in Venice, you’ve seen that there are a lot of birds looking for handouts. Unfortunately, some of them get tangled in fishing line or even worse, get hooked. A kind gentleman named Kent Goff called the center to let us know about a Great Egret at the North Jetty with fishing line hanging out his mouth. Two of our longtime rescuers, Julia and Stephanie were able to snare him pretty quickly although he ended up flying in circles.¬† Prognosis is good he should make a full recovery. Birds that have been hooked or tangled and can still fly are very difficult to catch. Please don’t cut the line and call Wildlife Center of Southwest Florida at 941-484-9657 so we can help. If you would like to help us in our cause, donations are always welcome at:

Giving Tuesday

Any donations made to Wildlife Center of Venice on Tuesday, December 3rd, up to $20,000 WILL BE MATCHED thanks to a generous supporter who wishes to remain anonymous.


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