Amazing sandhill crane rescue

If you have lived in Florida long enough, you have likely seen Sandhill Cranes. Very tall, grey, long legged birds, with a long beak and a red head with that trumpeting call that can be heard from over a mile away. Often times they can be seen pecking at the ground, looking for grubs or mole crickets. This unlucky Sandhill “hit the bullseye” and pecked it’s beak directly through a discarded rubber washer and got it lodged on it’s beak and was having a very difficult time eating. Birds that can fly are extremely difficult to catch, but one of our long-time rescuers, Steph, made it look easy. Snaring birds is a very difficult thing to do and only experienced rescuers should attempt it. Our favorite rescues at WCV are the “catch and releases”. Enjoy the video and please consider making a donation to WCV at

And if you see that piece of litter laying around, take a minute to pick it up and dispose of it properly.

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