Amazing kayak rescue

Here is a fantastic rescue video from some of WCV’s very dedicated volunteers. Most of the time our rescuers go out on a specific call, but sometimes we go out just to patrol a specific problem area. Sometimes we find nothing, but this was not one of those days by a long shot. Stephanie, Julia , Charlene, and Mike rescued 4 brown pelicans and one great egret that were either toxic or tangled in fishing line.

The amazing thing about this video is that all of them (both birds and rescuers) survived and all of them (just the birds) were released back into the wild soon thereafter. None of them stood a chance without supporters like you or our rescuers. With the imminent arrival of Hurricane Dorian, please have a safe weekend, keep an eye out for injured wildlife after the storm and please do consider making a donation to WCV because tropical storms and hurricanes really have a huge impact organizations like ours.

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